GIFTER: gif-ter (plural: Gifters) // Positive result of an unpleasant event

Gifter is a flinch of a moment after the happening of an unpleasant event. Where most of the people would react in a negative way and would feel down, the moment of gifter is an eye-opener and the moment that someone's life can change forever accompanied by a feeling of freedom and a clear view in mind of what they really want.

That is the feeling you will get after listening to Gifter. Gifter creates a mix of dreamy pop, psychedelics and post-rock which always leads to a bombastic climax. The Gifter moment captured in sound. Every song, EP or album has its gifter. The flow of the song keeps on going until the moment comes that you get a clear view of what has happened and you are being freed and inspired.

That is exactly the way how Gifter was born. After the (down to earth) guys of Gifter were repeatedly rejected by the pop academy, due to being too experimental, the band was driving home and decided to go for Gifter, The musical experiment, as the band call it them self. In 2013 the band recorded and released their self-titled debut album (recorded by Marcel van de Vondervoort/Astrosoniq). Festivals and a nationwide tour were a result of the album which had a great reception by Dutch radio stations and platforms.

This process gave the band an intense boost of inspiration and motivation to work harder and with more concentration. The band began start to record and release new tracks with a DIY-mindset. In 2014 the band released their new sing Home Again as a sneak peek of the new EP Don't Look Down. On this (5 track) EP the band took the main focus on songwriting and wrote more catchy and "in your face" kinda songs.

The release of the EP took place in 2015 with an accompanying tour through the clubs and festivals of Holland, the band played several shows with bands as The Twilight Sad, played a handful of shows with Atlantic Attraction and went on the Horizon tour, which is a traveling festival on the Wadden Islands.

The EP and tour didn't went by unnoticed and the band was selected as Proud of the South. Proud of the South is a platform consisting of seven clubs in Holland and BKKC which is a music fund. The selection of Proud of the South gave the band more room for even more experiments and more experiences.

Which brings us to today: The band just finished recording two brand new tracks at the Mailmen Studio in Utrecht and is being mixed right now by Martijn Groeneveld (Dotan, John Coffey, Blaudzun). Two tracks, two singles which bring out the best in Gifter. Release for Fall Down is due 16th of September at Groene Engel (Oss) with a pre-release in Utrecht a week earlier, the kick off for a brand new tour in Holland, and maybe more..