Donnerwetter is a wonderful stew of harmonies, melodies and exotic rhythms. The source is an unique creative high that occurs when story writer, singer and guitarist Rocco Ostermann, Wout Kemkens (guitar/vocals), Matthijs Stronks (bass/keys) and Mike Visser (drums) make music in a room, philosophize and respond. In live shows (up to two hours!) and record the band is looking for a mix between psychedelics, film music, swing, the raw primal feeling of the blues and garage. But especially lots of melodic songs and virtuosity!

Comparisons are made with; Nick Cave, Grizzly Bear, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Wilco, American Recordings by Johnny Cash, Howlin' Wolf, Kurt Vile, Mark Lanegan, Meridian Brother and a hint of Beach Boys, The Beatles and Captain Beefheart.